Author: Ivan Kading

Disclosure: I am in full compliance with all ethics and other policies for Market Realist research analysts. I am not invested in securities that I cover on Market Realist.

Alternative funds like TGLDX provide investors with an alternative route to gold investment by taking real positions in gold and gold-related securities.

JPMNX is an alternative mutual fund that seeks to mimic the “market neutral” hedge fund strategy in achieving its investment objectives.

The OPGSX fund aims to grow capital through exposure to equity stocks of companies that are associated with gold and other precious metals.

ADAIX is an alternative mutual fund that seeks long-term absolute returns over a reasonable period of time regardless of equity market ups and downs.

DCMSX is an alternative mutual fund that gives retail investors access to the commodity return strategy.

Though the TFS Market Neutral Fund (TFSMX) has given a return lower than the benchmark S&P 500, it has shown consistent positive performance over the years.

Some of the AMFQX fund’s top holdings include floating-rate notes of Apple, JPMorgan Chase, Turquoise Hill Resources, and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

GONIX is an alternative mutual fund that seeks long-term capital appreciation with minimal correlation to the stock market.

An alternative fund, the Eaton Vance Global Macro Absolute Return Fund – Class A (EAGMX) uses the popular global macro hedge fund strategy. The primary benchmark of EAGMX is the BofA Merrill Lynch 3-Month US Treasury Bill Index.

GABCX is an alternative mutual fund that seeks to achieve total returns that are attractive to investors in various market conditions without excessive risk of capital loss.