Author: David Moadel

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If there’s one thing critics and fans agree on when it comes to Bitcoin, it’s the volatility factor. The moves are big, and timid investors need not apply.

The We Company has pulled the plug on WeWork’s IPO. Are prospective investors worried that Adam Neumann will end up being another Elon Musk?

The news is all over the financial front pages: General Motors (GM) is facing its first large-scale strike since 2007, and shareholders aren’t too pleased.

I’ve been pounding the table for a while on Nio (NIO) stock as a viable alternative to the rather richly priced Tesla (TSLA).

Disney, Netflix, and Apple are competing with rival streaming services. But has the streaming war really morphed into a price war? And if so, who’s winning?

The release date for Disney+ is coming up, making Netflix a riskier bet. However, Netflix has a certain edge that Disney simply can’t replicate.

Facebook Dating is a bold move that flies in the face of the company’s data privacy scandals. The feature could have a considerable impact on FB investors.

You’ve likely heard about it in the financial press recently: this ominous, notorious thing called the "yield curve inversion."

Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos has GE in his sights, and he’s armed with 175 pages and a website dedicated solely to his newfound cause.

Few news items this summer jolted the legalized cannabis industry quite like the termination of former co-CEO Bruce Linton from Canopy Growth Corp.