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It’s been quite the whipsaw week for cannabis stocks, to put it mildly. First, there was the “Drake spike.” Then came the earnings disappointments.

Singles' Day might sound like a Tinder promotion, but it’s actually the Chinese equivalent to the biggest shopping day of the year in the US—Black Friday.

Encouraging news and upward price action could signal a turnaround for Nio stock, but don't get ahead of yourself. Nio's future remains uncertain.

To call Kraft Heinz stock (KHC) “unloved” in 2019 would be the understatement of the year. But is a turnaround in the cards?

Chevron stock (XOM) closely relates to oil prices, so investors sometimes use this highly liquid, well-regarded stock as a trading vehicle for oil.

For decades, investors have considered General Motors a “safety stock” due to its low beta. Now the GM recall and recent strike are challenging that notion.

Mastercard just posted a solid earnings beat. It’s been a blockbuster Q3 for payment companies, with Visa and American Express beating projections, too.

You can’t argue with success, and Microsoft shareholders have enjoyed market-beating gains this year. Whether this can continue is questionable.

Amid a third-quarter earnings season where nearly 80% of megacap stocks beat analysts’ estimates, Amazon's (AMZN) miss was shocking.

I love a good bargain, and my contrarian nature mandates that I buy cheap stocks when everyone else is freaking out. Here are three to look at.