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In today’s Get Real morning newsletter, we discussed CES 2020 insights, stock picks this year, Biden’s stance on vaping, and more. Plus, don’t count out the Tesla bears.

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CES 2020 is crucial for Apple

The Consumer Electronics Show 2020 kicked off yesterday. Apple (AAPL) is participating after almost 30 years. Apple still faces user privacy controversy from last year, but the company plans to promote its HomeKit at CES 2020.

The S&P 500’s highest “sell” ratings

Among S&P 500 stocks, Franklin Resources has the most “sell” ratings. Other S&P 500 constituents, including Macy’s, have high “sell” ratings as well. Notably, energy stocks evaded the list of the top-ten highest “sell” ratings.

Don’t count the Tesla bears out yet

Tesla (TSLA) stock has been climbing to new all-time highs following its fourth-quarter deliveries. Analysts have been all over the board with Tesla, but the bears are concerned about the company’s future in a rapidly changing EV space.

High-rising consumer stocks in 2019

Consumer stocks were on fire last year due to a record-low unemployment rate. We have the top five consumer stocks that grew more than 65% in 2019 to watch this year.

Is Aurora Cannabis risky?

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) had a rough time last year like most of the cannabis market. The stock is volatile, but it doesn’t have to be as risky. We discussed how to buy Aurora Cannabis stock with minimal downside risk.

What to watch for

How will US and Iran tensions impact oil?

Recently, increased geopolitical tensions have brought oil companies into focus. Oil companies could benefit from higher prices. We’ll have to wait and see where the US and Iran tensions go from here.

Shining stars at CES 2020

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Nvidia, and Intel are participating in the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. Advanced Micro Devices killed the game at last year’s CES. Which of the three companies will shine the brightest this time?

Boeing’s debt could increase

Boeing (BA) might raise its debt since the MAX crisis has bled into 2020. The company has already halted MAX production to save money.

Biden wants more vape-related research

Vaping-related illnesses have declined since they peaked last September and the Trump administration banned some vape products. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants the action on vaping to be even stricter. He wants more research into the long-term health effects.

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