Get Real: Environmental Concerns Are Heating Up

In today’s Get Real, we saw that environmental concerns are plaguing Big Oil, automakers, and Trump. Plus, Google’s undisclosed bid for Fitbit and AMD’s success.


Is Johnson & Johnson asbestos free?

Recently, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) released a statement that its baby powder doesn’t contain asbestos anymore. The stock rose in response to the news, but the company might not be out of the woods yet.

AMD’s best quarter in years

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) released its third-quarter earnings. The company had one of its best quarters in years. However, AMD stock fell despite strong third-quarter results.

Should Fitbit consider Google’s bid?

Fitbit stock has been rising for the last few days. Earlier this week, there was news that Google bid to acquire Fitbit for an undisclosed amount.

Fiat Chrysler and PSA

On Wednesday, automobile companies Fiat Chrysler and PSA confirmed that they’re in merger talks. The merger didn’t get far a few months ago. However, the merger might be successful now considering the state of the auto industry.

Yum! Brands missed its target

Yum! Brands (YUM) stock fell following its less-than-stellar earnings results. The company is making changes within several of its brands including Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

What to watch for

GE stock might be overbought

General Electric’s (GE) third-quarter results beat analysts’ expectations and its stock is soaring. Is the stock overbought? We broke down the technical side of General Electric stock.

More trouble for Big Oil

Right now, Big Oil companies are facing more challenges than the rise in electric vehicles. Climate change has been a hot issue globally. Currently, climate change lawsuits are adding to Big Oil’s concerns.

Ford and GM split over Trump

Currently, automakers are split about where to stand on emission regulations. Ford (F) opted for California’s stricter standards. In contrast, General Motors (GM) opted for President Trump’s more relaxed regulations.

Can HBO MAX take AT&T higher?

Next year, AT&T’s WarnerMedia will likely launch its video streaming service, HBO MAX. The streaming world is already crowded, so we’ll need to wait and see how HBO MAX does.

Will Shell recover?

Royal Dutch Shell’s third-quarter earnings results are expected today. In the last quarter, the company hit a two-year low with its earnings. Since energy companies have been struggling, we’ll have to see if Shell can bounce back.