Snap Launches New Program to Lure Advertisers



Snap to guide brands on how to run campaigns around major events

Snap (SNAP) has launched a new program to attract more advertising dollars. The Moments in Focus program, rolled out this month, helps brands reach the Snapchat audience with the right message on the right occasion.

Through Moments in Focus, Snap provides brands with a year’s guide on how to run Snapchat commercials around major events or holidays and maximize their impact. Snap hopes the program will help brands better plan their digital advertising campaigns and draw more advertisers to Snapchat.

Snap attempting to narrow the gap with digital advertising leaders

Although advertising is Snap’s main source of revenue, the company is still a long way from catching up with market leaders Google (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB). This year, eMarketer estimates Google will pull $103.7 billion in digital advertising revenue, followed by Facebook with $67.4 billion. It expects Alibaba (BABA) to capture $29.2 billion, Amazon (AMZN) to generate $14 billion, and Baidu (BIDU) to round out the top-five list with $12.6 billion in digital advertising revenue in 2019. Whereas Snap is not expected to be among this year’s top ten digital advertising companies in terms of revenue, it hopes programs such as Moments in Focus will narrow the gap with the market leaders.

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