Which Midstream Stocks Do Analysts Recommend?

Most “buy” recommendations

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) got a “buy” recommendation from 96% of the analysts surveyed by Reuters. Enterprise Products Partners is the midstream stock with the highest percentage of “buy” recommendations at the end of the first quarter. MPLX (MPLX) had 92% “buy” ratings. Williams Companies (WMB) and Energy Transfer (ET) had “buy” ratings from 90% and 89% of the analysts, respectively. None of these stocks had a “sell” recommendation from the surveyed analysts.

Which Midstream Stocks Do Analysts Recommend?

Most upside potential

The above graph shows the midstream stocks with the highest percentage of “buy” recommendations from analysts. CNX Midstream Partners (CNXM), Energy Transfer, and Western Midstream Partners (WES) are among the stocks with the highest upside potential based on analysts’ median target price. The three stocks offered an upside potential of 38%, 35%, and 32%, respectively, at the end of the first quarter.

Stocks analysts don’t favor

At the end of the first quarter, Cheniere Energy Partners (CQP), NuStar Energy, and TC PipeLines (TCP) are trading above analysts’ median target prices. Analysts expect these stocks to fall from their current levels. ONEOK (OKE) and Tallgrass Energy (TGE) don’t have any upside potential from their current levels, according to analysts. They’re trading close to their respective median target prices.

None of the surveyed analysts rated NuStar Energy (NS), Global Partners (GLP), and Holly Energy Partners (HEP) as a “buy.”