How Sanofi’s Rare Blood Disorder Portfolio Performed in Q1



Rare blood disorder revenues

In the first quarter, Sanofi’s Rare Blood Disorder franchise reported net sales of 274 million euros, a YoY rise of 296.9% on a CER (constant exchange rate) basis but only a 1.2% rise on a CS (constant structure) basis. Of these sales, 270 million euros were earned from developed markets, a YoY rise of 290.6% on a CER basis. Emerging markets contributed the remaining 4 million euros in sales.

According to Sanofi’s first-quarter earnings conference call, loss of tender in Canada in the second quarter of 2018 coupled with increasing competition for Eloctate in the US market has affected the sales of the company’s rare blood disorder products in the first quarter.

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In the first quarter, Eloctate reported revenues of 174 million euros, a YoY rise of 274.4% on a CER basis. According to Sanofi’s first-quarter earnings conference call, Eloctate has been benefitting from the shift of patients to short-acting factor replacement therapies in the US. The drug is currently a leader in the prophylactic factor replacement segment in terms of market share.

However, since the launch of Roche Holdings’ (RHHBY) drug Hemlibra for the haemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors indication in October 2018, a significant number of prophylaxis patients have been switching from Eloctate to this newly launched drug. Sanofi, however, has focused on increasing awareness of the benefits of Eloctate related to joint protection and joint health, which has historically been an area of significant unmet demand.

New product launch

In February 2019, Sanofi issued a press release announcing FDA approval of Cablivi in the aTTP (acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) indication. In September 2018, Sanofi issued a press release announcing EC (European Commission) approval of cablivi in the aTTP indication.

According to the company’s first-quarter earnings investor presentation, the mortality rate for aTTP with the current standard of care is around 20%, which highlights the significant unmet demand in this indication. Cablivi was launched in the US in April 2 and in Germany in October 2018.


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