How Analysts View Norfolk Southern ahead of Q1 Results

Analysts’ recommendations

Analysts polled by Reuters have given Norfolk Southern (NSC) a consensus “buy” recommendation and a consensus ~2.31 rating. However, it seems that analysts do not anticipate much upside potential in the stock.

How Analysts View Norfolk Southern ahead of Q1 Results

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Of the 26 analysts covering the stock, 54% have provided a bullish recommendation, 38% recommend holding the stock, while the remaining 8% have a bearish view. The target price of $198.33 depicts no upside potential in the stock in a year.

It seems Wall Street has a similar view on the majority of Class I railroad companies (IYT). Analysts have given a “buy” recommendation to most of Norfolk Southern’s peers, but their target prices depict minimal upside potential.

About 46% of the 26 analysts covering CSX (CSX) have a “strong buy” or “buy” recommendation, 50% have a “hold” opinion, and the remaining 4% have a “sell” on the stock. Their target price of $81.5 depicts a return of 3.2%.

Approximately 61% of 28 analysts tracking Union Pacific (UNP) stock have given the stock a “strong buy” or “buy” recommendation, 36% have provided a “hold“ recommendation, while the remaining 3% have a “sell” recommendation. Their consensus target price of $181.64 shows an upside potential of 2.8% in the next year.

For Kansas City Southern (KSU), approximately 63% of 19 analysts have provided a “strong buy” or “buy” recommendation, while the remaining 37% of them say to “hold” it. The target price of $133.12 signifies a gain of 6.5% in the next year.

Stock price performance

Norfolk Southern stock has outperformed the returns of major US indexes. The stock has returned 32.8% YTD, while the Dow Jones, the NASDAQ, and the S&P 500 have gained 13.9%, 20.5%, and 15.9%, respectively. Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific, and CSX have registered YTD gains of 31%, 27.8%, and 27.1%, respectively.