Analyzing Sanofi’s Oncology Portfolio in the First Quarter



Oncology revenues

In the first quarter, Sanofi’s (SNY) Oncology franchise reported net sales of 399 million euros, a YoY rise of 7.8% on a CER (constant exchange rate) basis. Of these sales, 273 million euros were earned from developed markets, a YoY rise of 2.4% on a CER basis. Emerging markets contributed the remaining 126 million euros in sales, a YoY rise of 21.2% on a CER basis.

According to Sanofi’s first-quarter earnings press release, this performance was mainly driven by the rapid uptake of Jevtana and the solid performance of its legacy oncology portfolio in emerging markets and especially in China.

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In the first quarter, Sanofi’s oncology drugs such as Jevtana, Thymoglobulin, Eloxatin, Taxotere, Mozobil, Zaltrap, and other drugs reported sales of 111 million euros, 81 million euros, 54 million euros, 47 million euros, 44 million euros, 22 million euros, and 40 million euros, respectively.

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New product launch

In September 2018, Regeneron (REGN) and Sanofi issued a press release announcing FDA approval of Libtaya in the metastatic or locally advanced CSCC (cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma) indication where patients are not eligible for curative radiation or curative surgery. According to Sanofi’s first-quarter earnings conference call, metastatic or locally advanced CSCC not eligible for curative radiation or surgical therapy accounts for almost 7,000 deaths in the US annually.

Sanofi is focused on educating oncologists about the clinical profile of Libtayo as well as on securing favorable access for this drug in the US market. Besides the US, Libtayo was also approved in Canada and Brazil in April and March 2019, respectively. Sanofi expects the decision on Libtayo from the EC (European Commission) in the second quarter.

Sanofi also plans to initiate a Phase 3 trial evaluating Libtayo in the adjuvant CSCC indication in mid-2019.


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