Analysts’ price targets

Analysts’ average price target of $17.83 for AES (AES) implies a ~2% downside over the next year based on its current price of $18.15. Morgan Stanley raised its price target for AES from $16 to $16.50 last week. Of the ten analysts tracking AES, four recommend “buy,” five recommend “hold,” and one recommends “sell.”

Wall Street’s Views on AES Stock

Peers’ price targets

Analysts’ target price of $46.50 for NRG Energy (NRG) stock implies a ~12% upside based on its current price of $41.88. Of the ten analysts tracking NRG Energy, four recommend “buy,” four recommend “strong buy,” two recommend “hold,” and none recommend “sell.”


AES looks like it could be turning around after its better-than-expected 2018 earnings. However, the stock rally could halt if AES delivers subpar quarterly earnings. Its dividend profile looks attractive, with a strong yield and growth. Although its debt could be a concern, AES seems focused on reducing it. For more on utilities, read These Three Utility Stocks Have Delivered Maximum Long-Term Returns.

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