Green Growth Brands Expands with Two New Shops

Green Growth Brands opened two new shops

On February 21, Green Growth Brands (GGBXF) announced that it opened two new Seventh Sense CBD shops. One shop is in Glenbrook Square in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The second shop is in Hamilton Place in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The two new shops are just the beginning of the company’s plan to dominate CBD retailing. Green Growth Brands plan to build hundreds of shops to serve customers across the US.

Green Growth Brands Expands with Two New Shops

Earlier this month, Green Growth Brands launched the e-commerce website and opened the first Seventh Sense shop in Lexington, Kentucky.

Peter Horvath, Green Growth Brands’ CEO, said, “We know that the stickiest customers come from in-store experiences. In our growing network of shops, we are committed to providing compelling assortments of products that encourage our customers to explore. Early results have seen Seventh Sense products selling though at three-times the typical performance of personal care products, accomplished with never-seen-before brands and zero marketing beyond point of sale. We could not be happier with the way the brand and the network are growing.”

Stock prices

On February 21, Green Growth Brands fell 0.4%. Aphria (APHA) rose 2.3%, while Canopy Growth (CGC) and Aurora Cannabis (ACB) fell ~2.7% and 0.14%, respectively. The S&P 500 (SPY) fell 0.35%.