How Samsung Plans to Rival Xiaomi in India



Samsung has lost its top spot in India

India has quickly become the second-largest market for smartphones, overtaking the United States. The country’s growing middle class, improving Internet speeds, and young, tech-savvy population have led to the rapid growth in its smartphone adoption.

Price-sensitive Indian consumers have invariably favored cheaper, value-for-money handsets, such as those produced by Chinese vendors Xiaomi (XIACF), Oppo, and Vivo. Xiaomi has seen massive success in India, toppling Samsung (SSNLF) to seize the throne as the best-selling smartphone in India.

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Samsung is launching a low-priced smartphone in India first

Samsung, which was for years the best-selling smartphone vendor in India, lost its top spot due to the declining popularity of its premium smartphones in India, where it lost out to OnePlus in the premium smartphone segment.

However, it seems that Samsung has recognized the need to target the cheap smartphone segment in the country along with the importance of at least keeping up with Xiaomi in such an important market. Last year, Samsung claimed that it would be opening the world’s biggest mobile factory in the Indian town of Noida in the National Capital Region.

The company will also be launching its latest Galaxy M series in India ahead of its global rollout. Samsung India’s smartphone business’s senior vice president, Asim Warsi, told Reuters that the electronics giant would be launching three models of the M series exclusively through Amazon’s e-commerce platform at the end of January 2019.

The price of Samsung’s M series smartphones will range from below 10,000 Indian rupees (~$140) to 20,000 rupees (~$280).


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