Here’s Netflix’s Latest Move to Make Its Service Ubiquitous

Hilton’s connected rooms to offer Netflix

Netflix (NFLX) has been trying to expand the availability of its service via a variety of methods. Last year, the streaming giant penned a deal with Comcast (CMCSA) to make its service available through Xfinity X1.

Now, Netflix is bringing its service to connected Hilton rooms. Hilton (HLT) is offering Netflix in ~1,800 of its connected rooms in the United States. This amount represents a fraction of Hilton’s rooms in the country.

Here’s Netflix’s Latest Move to Make Its Service Ubiquitous

Hilton guests will be able to access their Netflix accounts by logging in through the remote control or the keyboard on the Hilton Honors app, Hilton said.

Hilton initially launched connected rooms back in 2017. The company plans to introduce many more connected rooms in the United States this year.

Netflix hopes to make its service available outside the home

Netflix wants to make its service available everywhere, just like how Amazon (AMZN) wants to make its digital assistant, Alexa, ubiquitous. Customers of Netflix are getting used to it and would no doubt love to have it when they aren’t at home, which is why the company is making the effort to expand these services beyond the home.

The streaming company continues to see solid subscriber growth. It added 8.8 million paid subscribers in the previous quarter. Netflix stock is up 28.5% year-to-date despite its recent falls.