Analyzing FE, XEL, and AEP’s Current Valuation




FirstEnergy (FE) stock seems to have an attractive valuation. FirstEnergy has a lower valuation multiple than its historical average and peers’ average. FirstEnergy’s forward PE ratio, based on analysts’ 2019 EPS estimate, is 14x. The company’s five-year historical average is ~17x. First Energy’s peers’ average is also close to similar levels. FirstEnergy is among the top-gaining utility (XLU) stocks in 2018. The company’s business mix improved last year. FirstEnergy became an entirely regulated utility. The company’s earnings and dividend profile are expected to stabilize in the coming quarters.

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Are utilities a good bargain?

American Electric Power (AEP) stock is trading at a forward PE ratio of 17.7x based on its EPS estimates in 2019. American Electric Power’s five-year historical average valuation is close to 17x. American Electric Power looks to be trading at a premium valuation compared to its peers and its historical average. Xcel Energy (XEL), one of the top regulated utilities, is trading at a forward PE ratio of 18.5x—marginally lower than its five-year historical average.

Exelon (EXC) stock has a forward PE ratio of 14x, which is lower than many of its peers’ ratios and its five-year average of ~17x. Exelon reported solid earnings growth in 2018. The stock rallied more than 16% last year. The company’s earnings growth is expected to slow down in 2019 based on the estimates.

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