Intel Launched Innovative Products to Take on AMD and Qualcomm



Intel launched a number of innovative products

Last week, Intel (INTC) launched some innovative products on its Architecture Day. According to the press release, these products will cater to the growing demand for “data-intensive workloads for PCs and other smart consumer devices, high-speed networks, ubiquitous artificial intelligence (AI), specialized cloud data centers and autonomous vehicles.” Let’s discuss the main products briefly:

  • 3D stacking of logic chips: Intel has named the chips “Foveros.” Intel claims that the chips are the first 3D chips ever built on logic chips architecture. Intel will build the chips on its next-generation ten-nanometer technology by the second half of 2019. AMD (AMD) announced that it will launch chips based on seven-nanometer technology by early 2019. Intel’s chips could also act as a potent competitor to Qualcomm’s (QCOM) PC Snapdragon processor.
  • Generation 11 Integrated graphics chips: These chips will have more than one teraflop of computing power. Intel also claims that the computing power of Gen11 graphics chips will be more than double the Gen9 graphics chips.
  • Sunny Cove CPUs: These are next-generation chip architecture. The Sunny Cove CPUs will be part of Intel’s Core processors and Xeon server chips. Intel expects the chips to be launched by the end of 2019.
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