CannTrust’s Earnings Are Expected to Grow Rapidly



CannTrust’s earnings

In the first nine months of this year, CannTrust Holdings’ (CNTTF) adjusted EBITDA fell 66.79% YoY (year-over-year) to 1.17 million Canadian dollars, and its net income rose 1,793.06% YoY to 11.97 million Canadian dollars. Its diluted EPS rose 1,100% YoY to 0.12 Canadian dollars.

In the third quarter, CannTrust’s adjusted EBITDA fell 71.18% YoY to 0.56 million Canadian dollars. In its third-quarter earnings call, the company attributed part of this decline to the launch of four recreational cannabis brands and multiple strategic partnerships. CannTrust’s increased investment in marketing, promotion, administrative, salaries, and benefits bolstered its revenue in the third quarter. The company’s net income fell 35.72% YoY to 0.42 million Canadian dollars in the third quarter, and it reported diluted EPS of 0.00 Canadian dollars.Graph 21

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Analysts’ earnings projections

Analysts expect CannTrust’s adjusted diluted EPS to rise 285.41% YoY to 0.15 Canadian dollars in fiscal 2018, 147.52% YoY to 0.37 Canadian dollars in fiscal 2019, and 93.39% YoY to 0.71 Canadian dollars in fiscal 2020.

They expect its adjusted diluted EPS to rise 166.67% YoY to ~0.03 Canadian dollars in the fourth quarter. Next, we’ll discuss CannTrust’s market expansion strategy.


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