Oracle Introduces New Security and Risk Management Solution Tool



Importance of the new tool

On October 4, Oracle (ORCL) introduced an AI-driven security and risk management solution tool for corporate customers. The new tool is part of Oracle’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) cloud solution.

The growing number of security threats has forced corporate clients to make huge investments in different security products. These new AI-based security and risk management tools should offer constant protection from threats. The tool complies with 100 different ERP security rules. The tool keeps records of the different methods that are used to resolve threats. The company plans to employ analysts to track and quickly resolve bugs with the tool.

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Strengthening the ERP portfolio

Oracle is continuously enhancing its ERP portfolio to gain market traction. In the first quarter of fiscal 2019, the ERP portfolio, which includes key products like Human Capital Management and Fusion ERP, gained 30% YoY (year-over-year). In the first quarter, most of Oracle’s new ERP clients came from SAP’s (SAP) on-premise platform and Workday’s (WDAY) cloud ERP system. The company finished the reported quarter with nearly 5,500 Fusion ERP customers.

Oracle is also driving its ERP portfolio through acquisitions. In April, the company bought SparklineData, which offers smart data warehouse solutions to its clients. During the same period, Oracle also acquired cloud-based financial aid solution provider Vocado. The growing ERP products might boost the company’s top line. The above graph shows Oracle’s revenue growth in the last five quarters.


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