What Analysts Recommend for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Average price target of $19.33 for HPE

Out of the 25 analysts tracking Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), ten have a “buy” recommendation, 14 have a “hold” recommendation, and one has a “sell” recommendation. The 12-month average analyst price target is $19.33, which indicates that HPE is trading at a discount of 16% to estimates. Analysts have a low target price of $16 and a high target price of $23 for HPE.

What Analysts Recommend for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Morgan Stanley maintains “overweight” rating on HPE

After the company’s fiscal Q3 earnings, analyst Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley (MS) had an “overweight” rating on HPE with a 12-month price target of $21. Huberty was optimistic about HPE’s margin expansion, which has been key to the company’s earnings growth. The company’s earnings have the potential to improve further according to Morgan Stanley.

Tim Long from BMO Capital Markets maintained a “market perform” rating on HPE but lowered the price target to $18 from $19. According to Long, HPE’s results were mixed as HPE managed to achieve robust growth in Intelligent Edge but faced pressure in Hybrid IT.

Analyst Sherri Scribner from Deutsche Bank (DB) maintained a “buy” rating on HPE and raised the target price to $23 from $22. According to DB, HPE has achieved sales growth and beat management’s target growth rate. The investment bank believes HPE is well set to benefit from increased IT enterprise spending.