Spotify for Artists: A New Tool for Independent Musicians



Spotify lets musicians upload songs directly

Spotify (SPOT) has launched Spotify for Artists, a new tool that allows independent musicians to upload their songs directly to its platform. This tool bypasses record labels, which typically play the middleman role of delivering music to people and earning revenues in the process.

Spotify for Artists comes at a time when Spotify has also been experimenting with licensing songs directly from independent musicians rather than going through music brokers such as record labels.

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83 million paying subscribers on Spotify

While Spotify’s direct upload tool may concern music labels, the company doesn’t appear to be doing it to upset industry players. Instead, it says in a blog post that the ability to upload songs directly to its platform has been one of the top requests it receives from musicians. Spotify is initially making the Spotify for Artists tool available to a small number of musicians, starting in the United States.

Spotify finished the second quarter with more than 180.0 million listeners on its platform, of which 83.0 million are paying customers. That compares to Apple’s ~40.0 million paying music subscribers. Pandora (P) exited the second quarter with 71.4 million listeners, out of which 6.0 million are paying subscribers.

Spotify partners with AT&T and Samsung

Spotify has partnered with AT&T (T) and Samsung (SSNLF) to help it reach more customers. Spotify is one of the streaming entertainment bundles available to AT&T’s customers who purchase a certain unlimited wireless plan.

With Samsung, Spotify negotiated a deal that makes it the default music app on Samsung devices such as smartphones and smart speakers. Samsung shipped over 320.0 million smartphones last year, according to Gartner.

In keeping up with Spotify, Pandora has partnered with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Snapchat (SNAP) to help it reach more customers. Snapchat is used by ~188.0 million people per day.


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