JetBlue Capacity Growth Falls amid Declining Unit Revenue



JetBlue Airways’ capacity growth

JetBlue Airways’ capacity rose 4.8% YoY in August 2018, which was similar to its average in the first seven months at 4.7% YoY. Capacity growth has slowed down in the past few months. JetBlue recorded its lowest capacity growth of 0.1% YoY in January 2018, while the highest capacity growth for the year was in May at 7.6%.

Year-to-date in August 2018, JBLU’s capacity rose 4.7% YoY. In 2017, JBLU’s capacity grew at 4.5% YoY, which was slower than the ~9.1% capacity growth seen in 2016 and the 9.5% growth in 2015.

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Peer analysis

Despite a capacity slowdown, JBLU’s capacity growth in 2018 remains higher than most peers. Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines (LUV) increased its capacity by 2.6% YoY through August 2018. Legacy carriers Delta Air Lines (DAL) and United Continental (UAL) recorded capacity growth of 3.2% YoY and 4.4% YoY for the same period. Niche legacy carrier Alaska Air (ALK) has recorded the highest capacity growth of 7.1% YoY year-to-date in August 2018.

What to expect

The capacity slowdown is not expected to last. For Q3 2018, the airline is expecting to grow capacity by 7.5% to 9.5% YoY. For the fourth quarter, capacity growth is expected to be in the range of 6.5% to 7.5% YoY against the earlier expected growth of 8.5% to 9.5%. Investors can gain exposure to JBLU by investing in the First Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEX Fund (FNK), which holds 0.73% of its portfolio in JBLU.

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