Analysts Project ~16.5% Upside in Hologic Stock

Analysts’ views on Hologic

Hologic (HOLX) is a medical technology firm focused on improving women’s health. The company operates across four segments: diagnostics, GYN surgical, breast cancer, and skeletal health. The company reported strong Q3 2018 earnings results, which led to a rise in its stock price. In this article, let’s look at analysts’ recommendations for HOLX stock.

Analysts Project ~16.5% Upside in Hologic Stock

As of September 7, 58% of the 19 analysts that cover HOLX stock have a “buy” or “strong buy” recommendation on Hologic. The rest of the eight analysts have a “hold” rating on the stock. The stock doesn’t have any “sell” ratings.

Target price

The consensus analyst target price for HOLX stock for the next 12 months is $45.13 as of September 7. This target price represents a return of ~16.5% on an investment in HOLX stock for the next 12 months. This return is based on Hologic’s closing price of $38.74.

Analysts’ average target prices for HOLX peers Boston Scientific (BSX), Illumina (ILMN), Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO), and Edwards Lifesciences (EW) are $38.86, $340.73, and $251.43, respectively, implying 7.8%, -2.2%, and 6.7% returns over the next 12 months.

Recent ratings and target price updates

On September 5, Barclays downgraded HOLX stock from overweight to equal weight while decreasing its target price on HOLX stock from $50 to $43. However, on August 1, Needham and Jefferies raised their target prices on Hologic stock from $43 to $48 and $47 to $50, respectively, after the company announced its Q3 2018 earnings results that day. Let’s look at Hologic’s recent stock performance in the next article.

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