Analysts Are Overwhelmingly Bullish on Abbott Laboratories

Analysts’ recommendations

Abbott Laboratories (ABT) is one of the leading medical technology companies in the world. It offers products across its Medical Devices, Nutrition, Diagnostics, and Established Pharmaceuticals segments, with most of its products having the highest market shares in their respective markets.

On July 18, the company released its most recent quarterly results and exceeded analysts’ estimates. The company’s financial performance has further strengthened analysts’ positive outlook on its stock. For earnings details, read Abbott Laboratories’ Q2 Results: What Drove Its Robust Growth? In this article, we’ll look at Abbott Laboratories’ recent recommendations and 12-month target prices from Wall Street analysts.

Analysts Are Overwhelmingly Bullish on Abbott Laboratories

As of September 19, of the 19 analysts included in a recent Reuters survey, 15 (~80%) have “buy” or “strong buy” recommendations on ABT stock. The remaining four analysts are cautious about the stock’s prospects and have given it “hold” recommendations. No analysts see ABT stock as a “sell.” The chart above shows analysts’ recommendation summary for ABT over the last few months.

Target prices

As of September 19, Abbott Laboratories stock has a consensus 12-month target price of $71.81 per share, implying a 12-month return potential of 5% based on its closing price of $68.41 on September 18—higher than analysts’ consensus target price of $71.13 as of August 31. This target shows that analysts have grown even more bullish on Abbott’s prospects for the next 12 months.

As of September 19, peers Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Boston Scientific (BSX), and Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) have consensus target prices of $143.79, $39.32, and $252.86, respectively. These targets imply 12-month return potentials of 2.3%, 4.5%, and 5.8%, respectively.

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