Verizon Throws in Free Music to Attract Wireless Customers



Free Apple Music

Verizon (VZ) has partnered with Apple in a program that lets some Verizon wireless customers stream Apple Music free of charge for at least half a year. Verizon customers on unlimited plans get free Apple Music for six months. Verizon’s wireless revenues rose 5.5% year-over-year to $22.4 billion in the second quarter.

Although Apple Music normally costs $10 per month for an individual account, Apple offers new customers a free three-month introduction to its streaming music service. Verizon Unlimited customers who have already used Apple’s three months of free Apple Music are still eligible for the program that offers six months of free Apple Music.

This partnership with Apple that offers free Apple Music to unlimited wireless customers is seen as helping Verizon draw more customers to its network and its unlimited plans.

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Operators trying to sweeten unlimited plans

As competition for wireless customers has intensified, the four national mobile operators have recently modified their unlimited plans to accommodate more power users or budget customers.  AT&T (T) and Sprint (S), for instance, have introduced more costly plans that offer more data. T-Mobile (TMUS) has introduced a less costly unlimited option designed to appeal to budget-minded customers.

Bundling free entertainment to attract customers

In addition to tweaking unlimited plans to appeal to a broader customer base, mobile operators have also taken to bundling free entertainment to attract customers. In June, AT&T introduced an unlimited option that lets customers stream Pandora, Amazon Music, or HBO at no extra cost. 

The Pandora (P) service bundled in AT&T’s unlimited plan normally costs $10 per month. T-Mobile has an unlimited plan that comes with free Netflix streaming. 


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