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How Qualcomm’s PC Venture Is Progressing


Nov. 20 2020, Updated 4:19 p.m. ET

Qualcomm’s PC venture with Microsoft

While Qualcomm (QCOM) has been fighting legal battles in its core smartphone market, it has also been making efforts in the adjacent server and PC processor markets. Qualcomm, in collaboration with Microsoft (MSFT), leveraged its flagship Snapdragon 835 SoC (system-on-a-chip) in always-connected PCs. Although these Windows 10 ARM laptops offer better battery life than Intel (INTC)-powered laptops, they have failed to gain much traction.

However, Qualcomm is continuing its efforts in the PC space. While Snapdragon 835 powers Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS (operating system) devices, XDA Developers reported rumors that the Snapdragon 845 could be used to power Google’s (GOOG) Chrome OS devices.

A8_Semiconductors_QCOM SD 850 mobile compute platform 

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Snapdragon 850 mobile compute platform

At Computex 2018, Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon 850, a modified version of the Snapdragon 845 designed specifically for Windows 10 OS devices. However, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 will not be installed in Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Go laptops targeted at the education space, as they are to be launched in early August to tap the back-to-school demand and the Snapdragon 850 would not be ready by then.

Snapdragon 1000 rumors

As Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 850, rumors started circulating about the company’s Snapdragon 1000 SoC, which is expected to launch in 2019 and compete with Intel’s Core i5 processor. German blog WinFuture reported that the Snapdragon 1000 might feature up to 16GB (gigabyte) of RAM (random access memory) and two 128GB storage modules, and Ars Technica reported that the Snapdragon 1000 might be based on ARM’s new Cortex-A76 architecture. It remains to be seen if Qualcomm’s multiyear efforts in the PC space will pay off. Next, we’ll look at Qualcomm’s efforts in the mobile chipset space.

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