Are Hedge Funds Buying INT, DK, E, and PTR?



13F filings: hedge funds statistics

Let’s how hedge funds are positioned among the leading gainers and decliners from the refining and marketing sector as well as the integrated energy sector for the week ended June 15.

World Fuel Services

In the first quarter, 20 hedge funds were buyers, either creating new positions or adding to existing positions of World Fuel Services (INT) stock. During the quarter, 17 hedge funds were sellers, either closing their entire positions or reducing existing positions of INT stock.

In the first quarter, total buying hedge funds outnumbered total selling hedge funds by three. On March 31, 28 hedge funds that filed the form 13F held INT in their portfolios, although no hedge funds had INT in their top ten holdings.

With respect to the aggregate number of shares, hedge funds that filed 13F forms increased their aggregate INT holdings by ~16.1% in the first quarter. This represents an increase from ~4.8 million shares to ~5.5 million shares.

13F filings: Hedge fund statistics for DK, E, and PTR

Like INT, PetroChina (PTR) stock was purchased by hedge funds. In the first quarter, hedge funds increased their aggregate holdings in PTR by ~5.6%. In the first quarter, hedge funds increased their aggregate holdings in PTR from ~1.3 million shares to ~1.4 million shares.

In contrast to INT and PTR, hedge funds decreased their first-quarter aggregate holdings in Delek US Holdings (DK) and Eni SPA (E) by ~4.7% and ~1.8%, respectively.

Form 13F is an SEC mandate that must be submitted by all hedge funds that manage more than $100.0 million in assets. These hedge funds have access to in-depth research and greater capital.

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