What Are Analysts Saying about Prospect Capital?

Ratings on Prospect Capital

Five analysts are covering Prospect Capital (PSEC) in May, one of whom is suggesting a “strong sell” on the stock. The ratings on the company have remained the same for the past few months.

The stock doesn’t have any “buy” or “strong buy” ratings, but three analysts have given it “hold” ratings, while another has suggested a “sell” on the stock.

What Are Analysts Saying about Prospect Capital?

Ratings on Prospect’s peers

Prospect Capital’s competitor (XLF) Apollo Investment (AINV) is being tracked by 12 analysts in May, five of whom have recommended “holds” on the stock and three of whom have recommended “strong buys.” However, one analyst has recommended a “strong sell” on the stock, and the remaining three have given it “buy” recommendations. These ratings were the same in the previous month.

Of the 13 analysts tracking AINV in March, six suggested “holds,” and one suggested a “strong sell” on the stock. However, three analysts called it a “buy,” and another three suggested “strong buys” on the stock.

Of the 16 analysts tracking Ares Capital (ARCC) in May, six have suggested “strong buys,” and four have recommended “holds” on the stock. However, the remaining six analysts have given the stock “buy” recommendations.

TPG Specialty Lending (TSLX) is being covered by ten analysts in May, three of whom have suggested “strong buys” and two of whom have given it “holds.” The remaining five analysts have recommended “buys” on TSLX.