Are Industry Analysts Enthusiastic about HPE?



HPE versus the S&P 500

Earlier, we discussed the factors that weighed on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) stock despite its posting better-than-expected fiscal Q2 2018 earnings and improved guidance for fiscal 2018.

Despite its recent fall, HPE has risen ~6.2% to date in fiscal 2018. If we consider its performance in the last year, it’s risen ~6%. In comparison, the S&P 500 Index (SPY) has risen ~1% and ~13%, respectively. HPE stock has outperformed based on its year-to-date performance in 2018, but it has underperformed in the last year.

HPE is largely a “hold”

Of the 27 analysts covering HPE, 16 have “hold” recommendations on the stock as of May 28, and nine have “buy” recommendations. There are two “sell” recommendations on the stock. Thus, a majority of analysts have “hold” ratings on HPE.

Earlier in the series, we discussed the factors that have weighed on the stock despite the company’s better-than-expected performance in its most recent quarter and its positive outlook for the current fiscal year. These factors may also have been taken into consideration by industry analysts when they rated HPE.

Analysts’ consensus target price for HPE is $19.57 per share. The stock’s median target price was $20 on May 28. HPE’s closing price was $15.52 on the same day.

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