A Look at Oracle’s Autonomous Database Platform

Oracle’s autonomous database

As a late entrant to the cloud business, Oracle (ORCL) is making some aggressive moves in terms of product launch and acquisitions.

A fully autonomous self-driving database, which is available in the Oracle cloud, can become a game changer for the company. The company noted that aside from its new suite of autonomous PaaS services, no other cloud service operator has a fully automated database. The new suite may reduce labor and IT management costs while also reducing human error.

A Look at Oracle’s Autonomous Database Platform

Oracle appears optimistic about its new Autonomous Database. It expects to launch additional autonomous services such as analytics, mobility, application development, and integration services in the next few months.

What’s the contribution to business?

From the graph above, we can see the growth of Oracle’s cloud business in the last five quarters. These services may not only drive the company’s cloud business but also help the company gain market traction. Oracle’s Autonomous Database with BYOL (bring your own license) may drive its database licensing business.

Oracle’s Autonomous Database can help the company level the playing field against Amazon (AMZN), IBM (IBM), and Microsoft (MSFT), which are well ahead of Oracle in the cloud business.