Twitter: Looking for Impact of Doubling Tweet Length



Impact of November rollout of longer tweets

Twitter (TWTR) is gearing up to report its first quarter since completing the rollout of its longer tweets of 280 characters. It previously limited the length of tweets to just 140 characters but realized the limit was frustrating to some users and decided to make some adjustments.

In September 2017, Twitter launched an experiment to see how doubling the tweet length would work for its users. The test turned up impressive results as people who have more room to tweet got more followers, returned more often, and spent more time on the platform. Twitter extended its tweets to 280 characters to everyone in November 2017 after the successful experiment.

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Demystifying Twitter

As well as its online abuse problem, Twitter is also seeing slower growth due to the perception that the platform is complicated to understand or use. It’s hoping that doubling the character length will attract more users.

Monthly audience stayed stagnant

In this series, we’ll be looking at the upcoming report on doubling the character length on Twitter to see if it has impacted audience growth in 1Q18. Twitter closed 4Q17 with 330 million MAUs (monthly active users), which was flat from the previous quarter. Facebook (FB) added about 57 million monthly users in 4Q17 to close the quarter with more than 2.1 billion MAUs.

For ad-funded Internet companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google (GOOGL), Snap (SNAP), and Yelp (YELP), audience growth is closely watched. Snap’s Snapchat doesn’t disclose its monthly audience but finished 4Q17 with 187 million daily users.


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