Novartis Launches FocalView to Modernize Clinical Trials



Novartis’s ophthalmology portfolio

Novartis (NVS), a leading pharmaceutical company, includes therapies for retinal disorders, dry eyes, glaucoma, and other eye disorders in its ophthalmology portfolio. On April 25, Novartis launched FocalView, an ophthalmic digital research app created with the help of Apple’s ResearchKit.

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About FocalView

The above chart shows FocalView highlights. The app, developed with ResearchKit, allows researchers to collect real-time data from patients. It aims to make clinical trials more flexible and accessible, letting patients participate from home. The data can be recorded by patients and collected in real time, which should help track disease progression and gather more sensitive and accurate data to accelerate the development of new therapies.

The app could also provide researchers with real-time data more easily and frequently, thereby improving clinical trials. Traditional clinical trials often encounter issues such as infrequent and inflexible data due to patients’ limited mobility. FocalView will now be tested for efficacy and usability in a non-interventional study measuring visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

At present, FocalView can be downloaded from Apple’s US App Store. However, users will have to consent to contributing their data. The First Trust Value Line Dividend ETF (FVD) holds 0.5% of its investments in Novartis (NVS), 0.5% in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), 0.5% in Eli Lilly (LLY), and 0.6% in Merck (MRK).

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