What Products Will Dropbox Offer amid Cloud Storage Competition?



Dropbox gaining attention

Dropbox (DBX) has been drawing a lot of media attention lately over its much-awaited IPO (initial public offering) that hit the markets on March 23, 2018. The IPO was oversubscribed, which signaled strong demand from investors.

The ten-year-old start-up company has been doing well, which is evident from its more than $1 billion revenue generation in 2017, its 200,000 file-sharing and storage clients on its cloud service platform, its 500 million registered users, its impressive free cash flows, and its unique product offerings.

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Dropbox’s product offerings

Initially, Dropbox began its operations on Amazon’s (AMZN) Amazon Web Services. But later, in 2015, it moved its operations from Amazon to its own cloud storage system. Other than cloud storage, the company offers personal cloud, file synchronization, and client software.

Since cloud storage has become increasingly available and is offered by some of the big players in the industry, Dropbox has been trying to diversify its offerings, simplify its services, and even partner with its competitors to offer unique products. Dropbox launched Dropbox Paper last year, which is similar to Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google Docs. Dropbox seems to work seamlessly with other products, integrating with partners from Google and Microsoft.

Cloud market

According to Synergy Research, the public cloud space is dominated by five players: Amazon, Microsoft (MSFT), International Business Machines (IBM), Google, and Alibaba (BABA). These five companies held almost 75% of the public cloud space in 2017.


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