Pending US approval

The Bayer-Monsanto (MON) deal is still under review for antitrust issues in the US due to concerns that the two companies combined could harm the competitive environment. There are expectations that divestments will take place before the merger gets its final nod. However, no such developments have been announced yet. Below, we’ll discuss some of the antitrust concerns in more detail.

Bayer-Monsanto Deal Now Awaits Approval from US and Russia

Competition concerns

The above chart outlines some of the antitrust concerns that have pushed back merger approval deadlines. The list of concerns includes higher prices due to monopoly, a higher concentration that may lead to market dominance, challenges to R&D (research and development) and innovation, and limited choices to customers.

Given the size of this deal and the concentration of companies in this sector (MOO) including DowDuPont (DWDP) and Syngenta (SYT), Bayer has opted to divest its assets to satisfy regulatory agencies in different jurisdictions.

The Bayer-Monsanto merger is also pending approval from antitrust watchdogs in Russia. On March 14, a Reuters report said that Bayer had reported progress on the Russia front of the merger deal.

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