What Analysts Recommend for Carlyle



Ratings after results

Of the 12 analysts covering Carlyle (CG) in February 2018, four are suggesting a “hold.” Another four analysts are recommending a “buy,” and the remaining four recommend a “strong buy.”

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Competitors’ analysis

Ten analysts are covering CBRE (CBG) in February 2018. Four suggest a “strong buy,” three recommend a “hold,” and three recommend a “buy.” Of the eight analysts that were covering CBG in January 2018, three suggested a “strong buy,” and two recommended a “hold” on the stock. Another three analysts had given a “buy” rating on CBG.

Eight analysts are tracking Greenhill and Company (GHL) in February 2018. Three are suggesting a “strong sell” and one is recommending a “sell.” However, the remaining four analysts have a “hold” rating on GHL. None of the analysts recommended “buy” and “strong buy” ratings on the stock.

14 analysts are covering competitor (XLF) KKR & Company (KKR) in February 2018. Analysts don’t recommend a “strong sell” or “sell.” However, four analysts are suggesting a “buy,” and five analysts have given it a “hold” rating. The remaining five are suggesting a “strong buy” on KKR.


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