What December Service PMI Readings Say about Developed Markets



Key economic indicators

These important indicators were released last week:

  • US (SPY) (SPX-INDEX) services PMI (purchasing managers’ index)
  • Germany (EWG) services PMI
  • France (EWQ) services PMI
  • Japan (EWJ) services PMI
  • Eurozone services PMI
  • Spain services PMI
  • UK (UKX-INDEX) services PMI
  • US retail sales
  • US consumer price index
  • Eurozone Sentix investor confidence
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Series overview

In this series, we’ll analyze the final services PMI figures from the Eurozone, Japan, the United Kingdom (EWU), the United States (COMP-INDEX), Germany (DAX-INDEX), France, and Spain (EWP) for December 2017. The manufacturing activity of most developed nations improved in December 2017.

The service PMI report offers insight into service activity trends in an economy. It’s important for global investors to monitor the condition of both the manufacturing and service industry in each economy. In this series, we’ll also analyze US retail sales and the US consumer price index for December 2017.

In the next part of this series, we’ll analyze US services PMI in December 2017.


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