YTD performance

Navios Maritime Midstream Partners’ (NAP) YTD (year-to-date) returns were -13.5% as of December 18, 2017. It was the third-best performer among its peers in 2017 behind Euronav (EURN) and Gener8 Maritime Partners (GNRT) with YTD returns of 3.7% and -0.89%, respectively. Navios Maritime Midstream Partners has underperformed the shipping ETF and the broad equity market indexes. Since December 30, 2016, the Guggenheim Shipping ETF (SEA) has risen 1.14%. Oil and gas transportation companies account for 47.7% of SEA. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) has risen 25.4% YTD as of December 18, 2017. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) has risen 19.9% during the same period.

NAP: Third-Best Performer in the Crude Tanker Space

On December 19, 2017, Navios Maritime Midstream Partners had the highest one-day return in 2017. The stock rose 10.4%. Although Navios Maritime Midstream Partners has a negative year-to-date return, its performance in the last three months has been excellent. Its stock has risen 26.6%.

About Navios Maritime Midstream Partners

Navios Maritime Midstream Partners owns and operates VLCCs (very large crude carriers) on a long-term contract. The company operates six VLCCs. Four of the vessels have profit-sharing options.

Performance in 9M17

Navios Maritime Midstream Partners earned revenue of $60.4 million in the first nine months of 2017—compared to $69.1 million in the same period last year. Its EBITDA fell by $8.2 million to $41.6 million from $49.8 million. Currently, the company has contracted 100% of its available days for 2017 and 2018. It has $360 million in revenue booked in long-term contracts. Navios Maritime Midstream Partners has 3.6 years remaining in the average charter period.

In the next parts, we’ll discuss how DHT Holdings (DHT) and Tsakos Energy Navigation (TNP) performed in 2017.

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