13 Dec

Analysts Are Bullish on Hoegh LNG Partners

WRITTEN BY Sue Goodridge

Consensus rating

According to Reuters, the consensus rating for Hoegh LNG Partners (HMLP) is 1.44, which means a “strong buy.” Among its peers, Hoegh LNG Partners is the only company with a “strong buy” rating.

Analysts Are Bullish on Hoegh LNG Partners


The following are the consensus ratings for LNG (UNG) carrier companies:

  • Teekay LNG Partners (TGP) – 2.4, which means “buy”
  • Golar LNG Partners (GMLP) – 2.27, which means “buy”
  • Dynagas LNG Partners (DLNG) – 2.14, which means “buy”

Analysts’ recommendations

Nine analysts gave recommendations on Hoegh LNG Partners. All of the analysts are bullish on the company. Five analysts gave a “strong buy” recommendation, while four analysts gave a “buy” recommendation. None of the analysts gave a “hold,” “sell,” or “strong sell” rating.

Target price

The 12-month consensus target price for Hoegh LNG Partners is $21.84. Compared to the current market price of $17.45, the target price implies a potential upside of 25.2%.

3Q17 results

Hoegh LNG Partners reports its third-quarter results in November 2017. The company reported total revenues of $35.9 million in 3Q17—compared to $23.3 million in 3Q16. It generated an operating income of $15.3 million and net income of $5.4 million.

In October 2017, Hoegh LNG Partners raised proceeds of $11.4 million from the issuance of Series A cumulative preferred units. In November, the company paid a distribution of $0.43 per unit—equivalent to $1.72 on an annual basis. Also in November, Hoegh LNG Partners announced that it will acquire the remaining 49% ownership interest in the entities that own and operate Hoegh Grace.

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