Institutional Activity in PPL Stock in 3Q17

Institutional investors in PPL

According to a recent report, the top institutional investors in PPL (PPL) added big positions in 3Q17. The Vanguard Group added net 1.08 million shares and held a 7.2% stake in PPL at the end of 3Q17.

BlackRock Institutional Trust, the second-largest institutional investor in PPL, held 5.6% of PPL’s total outstanding shares at the end of 3Q17.

Institutional Activity in PPL Stock in 3Q17

Markedly, the top five institutional investors in PPL all increased their stakes in the utility in 3Q17.

Fidelity Management and Research Company sold net 1.65 million shares of PPL during 3Q17. It held 2.17% of its total outstanding shares.

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