Has Elliott Started Selling Its Stake in NRG Energy?



NRG Energy’s institutional ownership

Let’s have a look at institutional investors’ current holdings in NRG Energy (NRG). According to a filing dated August 24, 2017, Elliott Management’s stake in the stock is currently 4.4%, down from 5.7% earlier. According to the latest filing, Elliott sold net 5.6 million shares in NRG. All of NRG’s top five institutional investors reduced their stakes in the stock according to a recent filing.

NRG insti

Elliott Management and Bluescape Energy Partners disclosed their 9.4% stake in NRG in January 2017. According to a recent filing, both now collectively own 6.9%. According to Bluescape’s recent filing on February 13, 2017, it owns 2.5% of NRG’s free floating shares.

T. Rowe Price also lowered its stake and sold net 7.1 million shares, according to a filing dated July 31, 2017. It now owns a 5.5% stake in NRG.

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