How VMware Plans to Extend Its Cross-Cloud Strategy through MSFT

VMware adds Microsoft to its string of strategic partnerships

Earlier in the series, we discussed VMware’s recent (VMW) Horizon Cloud deal with Microsoft (MSFT) Azure. Research companies viewed this deal with optimism.

According to IDC (International Data Corporation) research director Robert Young on, “This is good for IT and VMware.” He added, “Customers want to run their workloads in Azure.”

How VMware Plans to Extend Its Cross-Cloud Strategy through MSFT

The VMware-Microsoft deal bears a strong resemblance to VMware’s partnership with Amazon (AMZN), which it entered in late 2016. The VMware-Amazon alliance is being referred to as VMware Cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Services), and it’s believed to have ramped up the competition in the hybrid cloud space.

Prior to its partnership with Amazon, VMware partnered with IBM (IBM) to target the hybrid cloud space.

VMware’s plan to get a slice of the pie

Amazon rules the cloud space, with AWS’s market share sitting at a whopping ~40%. It’s followed by Microsoft, IBM, and Google (GOOG), respectively.

By partnering with Microsoft and Amazon, VMware is setting its sights on the public cloud space. Companies prefer public cloud platforms such as Google because most services available in public cloud, such as applications and storage, are either free or available through pay-per-use models. Later, we’ll discuss VMware’s recently announced partnership with Google.

By partnering with the majority of these cloud players, VMware is ensuring its increased flexibility in the IT landscape, securing its increased adoption and position in the cloud space.