Dynagas LNG Partners’ Earnings Expected to Fall 10.7% in 1Q17



EBITDA estimates

As we discussed in the previous part of this series, Wall Street analysts expect Dynagas LNG Partners’ (DLNG) 1Q17 revenue to fall, and they’re also expecting a fall in its EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization).


For 1Q17, DLNG’s EBITDA is expected to fall to $30.8 million from $33.8 million in the previous quarter, an 8.8% fall quarter-over-quarter. The partnership’s estimated EBITDA was 12.7% lower than its EBITDA of $35.3 million in 1Q16.

The partnership’s 2017 EBITDA estimate stands at $116 million, lower than its 2016 EBITDA of $139 million.

EPS estimate

As DLNG’s revenue and EBITDA are expected to fall, so are its EPS (earnings per share). Analysts expect DLNG’s 1Q17 EPS to be $0.37, compared to $0.39 in the previous quarter. These estimated EPS reflect a potential fall of 13.4% from its 1Q16 EPS of $0.43.

Peer comparison

  • GasLog (GLOG) posted an EBITDA of $89.3 million, a rise of 43% YoY (year-over-year).
  • Hoegh LNG Partners’ (HMLP) 1Q17 EBITDA was $28.4 million, higher than its 1Q16 EBITDA of $24.1 million.
  • Teekay LNG Partners’ (TGP) 1Q17 EBITDA of $72.2 million was 6% higher YoY.
  • Golar LNG (GLNG) had 1Q17 EBITDA of -$16.2 million, better than its 1Q16 EBITDA of -$21.7 million.

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