How Analyst Ratings for Energy Companies Changed Last Week

Majority of Analysts Rate BP a ‘Hold’: Will That Improve?

Of the 11 analysts that cover BP (BP), four (or 36.0%) have assigned it a “buy” or “strong buy” rating. Seven (or 64.0%) have assigned it a “hold” rating. The stock hasn’t received any “sell” or “strong sell” ratings. BP’s mean target price of $38 per share implies an 8.0% rise from its current level.

Why Most Analysts Are Calling Marathon Petroleum a ‘Buy’

Of the 19 analysts that cover Marathon Petroleum (MPC), 17 analysts (or 89%) have rated it as a “buy” so far in May 2017. Another two analysts rate it as a “hold.” MPC’s mean price target of $62 per share implies a rise of ~18% from the current price. Compared to May 2016, MPC’s ratings have strengthened with more “buys.”

Analyzing Wall Street Recommendations for Devon Energy

On May 18, 2017, there were 38 analyst recommendations on Devon Energy (DVN). These recommendations include nine “strong buy,” 17 “buy,” and 12 “hold” recommendations. There were no “sell” or “strong sell” recommendations on the stock. The median target price from these Wall Street analyst recommendations is $51, which is ~38% higher than its May 18, 2017, closing price of $36.90.