What Oracle’s Buyout of Moat Means for the Digital Marketing Space



Moat is Oracle’s latest acquisition to enhance its marketing cloud

Earlier in this series, we discussed Oracle’s (ORCL) recent acquisition of Moat, intended to boost Oracle’s data cloud.

Moat’s acquisition also shows Oracle’s increasing ambitions regarding its marketing cloud space. Before acquiring Moat, Oracle has made many acquisitions that have added to the comprehensiveness of its data cloud and marketing cloud offerings. These acquisitions include:

  • Crosswise, a tracking firm: April 2016
  • AddThis Inc.: January 2016
  • Maxymiser in the marketing automation space: 2015
  • Datalogix in the digital marketing data space: 2014
  • BlueKai in the personalized campaign data space: 2014
  • Compendium in the content marketing space: 2013
  • Responsys in the email marketing space: 2013
  • Eloqua in the marketing automation space: 2012
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Significant growth expected in digital marketing space

Oracle isn’t the only player to be drawn into this space. Among its peers, Adobe (ADBE) and Salesforce (CRM) have made strategic acquisitions to strengthen their presence in marketing cloud. Adobe leads the marketing cloud space.

In November 2016, Adobe announced the acquisition of TubeMogul, which is a video advertising platform that helps advertisers schedule, purchase, and evaluate video advertisements.

In October 2016, Salesforce announced the acquisition of Krux, a data management company that tracks the data signature from desktops to mobile and tablets, as well as channels from social media and search, displaying them on video. As it doesn’t sell its own advertisements, it can reduce companies’ dependence on Google (GOOG) and Facebook (FB) for consumer information.

The increased M&A activity in the digital marketing space could be attributed to the huge growth expected in this space. According to Forrester Research and as the chart above shows, spending in the US digital marketing space is expected to increase from $57.29 billion to $103.4 billion by 2019.


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