Inside Cypress’s Automotive Partnerships in 2017



Key differentiator of Cypress’s MCUs

At the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference on February 28, 2017, Cypress Semiconductor (CY) CEO (chief executive officer) Hassane El-Khoury stated that peripherals offered alongside MCUs differentiate the company from the rest. Among the key peripherals are ultra low power, security embedded in the silicon, and graphics for the virtual cluster.

In 2016, Cypress added another peripheral of superior technology connectivity solutions offered by Broadcom (AVGO). Cypress now offers a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, wherein Bluetooth configures two devices and Wi-Fi connects devices to the Internet.

Cypress has partnered with most of the top auto OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and tier-1 suppliers to help them in their connected car projects.

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Cypress’ partnership with Continental

In March 2017, Cypress partnered with Germany’s (EWG) Continental in an agreement under which the former would supply Traveo II MCUs (microcontrollers) to the latter’s next-generation body electronics platform. The Traveo II has security embedded at the silicon level, which helps it support 100% complexity added by OEMs and tier-1 suppliers right up to the software drivers.

The Traveo MCU is scalable and allows suppliers to deploy it across a wide number of applications. Continental would use the Traveo MCU to offer its customers central body control of door, window, sunroof, and seat. Continental would also offer smartphone terminals and wireless power charging units. 

Continental is the fourth-largest automotive component supplier in the world, with annual revenues of over $42 billion in 2016.

Cypress’s partnership with Arrow Electronics

Cypress has expanded its IoT (Internet of Things) partnership with Arrow Electronics (ARW) to collaborate technology and marketing efforts. As part of this partnership, Cypress will sponsor IndyCar race series jointly with Arrow and use the racetrack as a test bed for its connected car technologies.

The new ideas and technologies tested on the racetrack will then be refined and put into the larger market of production vehicles and other industrial applications. Cypress should meanwhile benefit from Arrow’s technical, sales, and logistics expertise.

Next, we’ll examine how Cypress aims to tap IoT.


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