What Do Analysts Recommend for KKR?

Analyst ratings

KKR’s (KKR) performance expectations in 2017 have been reflected in its analyst ratings. Analysts have given the company a mean price target of $20.59, implying a 14.3% rise from its current level. In March 2017, nine out of 13 analysts covering the stock gave it “buy” or “strong buy” ratings, and the remaining four analysts gave it a “hold” rating. Compared to December 2016, KKR’s “strong buy” and “buy” ratings have fallen from 11 to nine.

What Do Analysts Recommend for KKR?

KKR’s peer ratings

Among KKR’s (KKR) major alternative peers, 11 out of 14 analysts gave Blackstone (BX) “buy” or “strong buy” ratings, and three analysts gave it “hold” ratings. For Carlyle Group (CG), five out of 12 analysts have rated the company a “buy” or “strong buy,” and seven analysts have rated it a “hold.”

Seven out of 14 analysts gave “buy” or “strong buy” ratings to Apollo Global Management (APO), and seven analysts rated it as a “hold.” Alternative asset managers form part of the iShares Dow Jones US Financial ETF (IYF).