Analyst views

According to the Bloomberg consensus, of the 25 analysts tracking Boeing (BA), four analysts (16%) have issued a “strong buy” recommendation on the stock, while seven analysts (28%) have issued a “buy” recommendation on the stock. Ten analysts (40%) have issued a “hold” rating, and three analysts (12%) have issued a “sell” rating on the stock. The remaining analyst (4%) gave a “strong sell” rating.

Boeing on the Street: What the Analysts Are Recommending

Target price

Boeing’s consensus-12-month target price is $175.8, as compared to $169.6 previously. This indicates a return potential of -2.2%, based on its closing price of $179.87 on March 20. The highest target price is $208, and the lowest target price is $132. At the highest target price, the return potential is 15.6%, and at the lowest target price, it’s -26%.

Peer comparisons

The analysts’ 12-month target prices for BA’s peers are as follows:

  • United Technologies (UTX): $118.5, with a 7% return potential
  • Lockheed Martin (LMT): $282.7, with a 3.3% return potential
  • General Dynamics (GD): $203.1, with a 5.1% return potential
  • Rockwell Collins (COL): $102.8, with a 3.2% return potential
  • Raytheon (RTN): $169.2, with a 7.9% return potential

Notably, BA makes up ~7.5% of the total holdings of the Aerospace & Defense ETF (PPA).

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