Warren Buffett’s Top 4 Investment Strategies



Warren Buffett’s investment ideas

Billionaire Warren Buffett is a prominent investor and well known for his value investment strategy.

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Buffett’s strategy

Buffett’s first investment strategy is “don’t try to time the markets.” In other words, investors shouldn’t wait for perfect market timing. There will be many ups and downs in the markets (SPY) (QQQ). If investors try to time the market, they may face trouble. Investors should stay invested in the market for the long term. In 2016, many major events affected markets such as the slowdown in the global economy, Brexit, the US election, and market movement. However, in late 2016, major indexes of the United States (IWM) (IVV) (VFINX) showed impressive performances.

Buffett’s second strategy says, “don’t be afraid to buy the dips.” Investors should look for opportunities in a falling market scenario and long-term investors should hold their investment for a longer time period. Buffett’s third and fourth strategies are “make it simple” and “start young.”

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