Where TSO’s and WNR’s Short Interests Stood Pre-Acquisition News



Short interests in TSO and WNR

In this article, we’ll look at Tesoro’s (TSO) and Western Refining’s (WNR) short interests before the news of TSO’s acquisition of WNR broke.

TSO and WNR have observed mixed changes in their short interests since the end of July 2016. Usually, a rise in short interest indicates a rise in bearish sentiments for a stock.

TSO and WNR have both had opposite changes in short interest since July’s end. Short interest in TSO fell 20%, whereas short interest in WNR rose 68%.

However, in terms of short interest as a percentage of float, WNR’s level of 16.9% was higher than TSO’s 4.1%. In the same period, TSO’s and WNR’s stock prices rose 12% and 38%, respectively.

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