Salesforce Targets AI Space with Its Einstein Platform



Salesforce is the latest company to be lured by artificial intelligence space

Earlier in the series, we discussed Salesforce’s (CRM) operating segments’ performance in its recently announced fiscal 2Q17 results. In its earnings release, Salesforce announced the introduction of “Salesforce Einstein,” an AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform, at its upcoming annual 2016 Dreamforce conference. According to Salesforce, Einstein is “the world’s first comprehensive artificial intelligence platform for CRM.”
salesforce AI acq

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Salesforce Einstein is the result of its initiatives in AI space

The Salesforce Einstein platform has its foundation in different acquisitions the company has made in the past like RelateIQ, MetaMind, Implisit Insights, PredictionIO, and Tempo, as the above chart shows. Salesforce stated, “We’ve been able to stitch all this together and focus on AI. AI is the next wave of our industry and has resulted in a machine learning team of more than 175 data scientists who have built this amazing Einstein platform.”

Salesforce cofounder and CEO, Mark Benioff, has high expectations from the AI space. In the past, Benioff stated, “what I see is an AI first world, and for every customer, going to be able to get a whole another generation of productivity out of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.” 

Benioff’s strategy for developing the AI platform has a strong resemblance to IBM’s strategy. IBM (IBM) has invested billions of dollars in machine learning and AI through partnerships and acquisitions to develop its Watson platform. IBM has also acquired Merge Healthcare, AlchemyAPI, Phytel, and Explorys to boost Watson’s capabilities, and IBM had the most AI patents among peers in 2015.


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