The BeyondCore Buyout: Increased Competition for Microsoft?



Salesforce strengthens its position

Earlier in this series, we discussed how BeyondCore, the latest company to join Salesforce’s (CRM) burgeoning acquisition portfolio, will boost Salesforce’s analytics cloud. Salesforce’s Wave Analytics Cloud enables companies to link data from different business departments—such as sales, operations, or management—to the Salesforce system.

Prior to the BeyondCore acquisition, Salesforce has tried to enhance its presence in the Big Data, business intelligence, machine learning, and analytics space through the acquisitions of MetaMind, Implisit, MinHash, ExactTarget, Tempo AI, and RelateIQ.

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Salesforce is positioned as a leader in the G2 Crowd Grid for CRM Software, as the above chart shows. Earlier in this series, we saw that Salesforce continues to lead the CRM (customer relationship management) space. By adding BeyondCore to its portfolio, it aims to strengthen its CRM offerings with predictive data analytics and AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities.

Consolidation trend in the CRM space

Salesforce is not the only company with eyes on predictive analytics, CRM (customer relationship management), and machine learning. Microsoft (MSFT) agreed to pay $26.2 billion for LinkedIn (LNKD) to get its hands on the social networking and workplace collaboration spaces. The LinkedIn acquisition gave Microsoft access to a social graph, which enables the company to see how users are connected through their hobbies, interests, and activities. All in all, it provides a significant amount of data relating to customers.

Oracle (ORCL) announced the acquisition of Netsuite for $9.3 billion to augment its position in the data cloud and marketing cloud spaces. By acquiring Netsuite, Oracle could not only get a boost in the cloud space but also in the CRM space, as Netsuite offerings include CRM software.


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