AddThis Complements Oracle’s Prior Buyouts in Data Cloud Space

Oracle’s varied acquisitions

So far in this series, we’ve discussed how Oracle’s (ORCL) recent acquisition of AddThis is going to augment the company’s position in the data cloud and marketing cloud space. Apart from Adobe Systems, which leads the marketing cloud space, Oracle, IBM (IBM), and Salesforce (CRM) are also major players. AddThis’ data partners include AOL, Yahoo, and Google (GOOG), which are now likely to be associated with Oracle.

Let’s have a look at Oracle’s previous acquisitions in the marketing cloud space:

  • Eloqua in the marketing automation space in 2012
  • Responsys in the email marketing space in 2013
  • Compendium in the content marketing space in 2013
  • BlueKai in the personalized campaign data space in 2014
  • Datalogix in the digital marketing data space in 2014
  • Maxymiser in the marketing automation space in 2015
    AddThis Complements Oracle’s Prior Buyouts in Data Cloud Space

AddThis fills the gaps in Oracle’s Data Cloud

According to VentureBeat analyst Stewart Rogers, “the acquisition of AddThis helps to plug the last gaps in Oracle’s data-as-a-service (DaaS) offering.” Oracle’s previous buyout, Datalogix, helped the company connect offline consumer spending data with digital marketing efforts, with the goal of tracking advertising, its influence on consumers, and the resultant returns. With the BlueKai acquisition, Oracle got its hands on identity information, audience segmenting, and targeting capabilities. Rogers stated that “with AddThis, Oracle Data Cloud is shaping up to be a complete view of what consumers buy, say, and do online.”

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